The Fountain Of Youth ~ AquaXercise -
About the Instructor~
My name is:
Sheri Lamoureux, ATC, LMT 
and I've been "in" the water teaching exercise classes for 26 years!  I graduated from Plymouth State University in 1990 with a BS in Physical Education and Athletic Training.  I started working that same year for The Center for Sports Medicine as an athletic trainer.  I covered various sports taking care of local high school athletes as well as working with patients doing one-on-one pool therapy.  I also created various group water classes. (Fibromyalgia & Prenatal) groups) 
I completed the Arthritis Foundation program training & The Aquatic Exercise Association certification which qualified me as an aquatic fitness instructor.
With the opening of the Centennial Senior Center in February of 2004 my pool groups were transitioned to the "new" pool.   While there many new faces joined us at the beautiful new facility.  However, with the closure of the Center in December of 2006 I felt it was important to keep these groups going and I was able to find us pool time at The Holiday Inn. 
The Fountain Of Youth AquaXercise  started at the Inn's pool January 2nd, 2007 and we've been going strong ever since.!!!
I've also been a NH licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for the last 24 years. 
The Classes:
The pool temperature is kept at 88 degrees so it is a warm water pool.  Some participants have been in my classes for going on 20 years so I try to add new exercises for variety as well as add new components such as Yoga and Pilates to focus on core stability and help with balance.  Everyone always works at their own pace & I stress if anything hurts...Don't do it!
Warm upThis is the aerobic portion that we start with to get heart rates up and includes everything from marching, side kicks, jumping jacks, mini jumps, X-country ski etc.
Range Of Motion:  We then move into a ROM portion where I alternate upper extremity and lower extremity exercises to touch on every single body part from the toes up & out to the fingers.  This helps with those suffering with arthritic joints as movement in the water is easier and participants experience less pain doing it.  Some people use equipment (webs on their hands or dumbbells) during this part for more resistance.
Strengthening: We then move to using the noodles to do resistive upper body/lower body exercises pushing the noodle under the water to increase strength as well as doing some lower body exercises while hanging from the noodle (scissor kicks, biking, abdominal exercises).
Pilates: While keeping the core balanced we move the legs/arms through various motions which increases stabilization.
Yoga poses: To increase balance out of the water we are working on some Yoga poses which are easier to do with the support of the water. 
Stretches: To finish off class we end with some easy upper and lower body stretches.
The Holiday Inn
N. Main St.
Concord, NH  03301

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