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The  goal of The Fountain Of Youth-AquaXercise is to provide water exercise classes in a coed setting to men and women age 50 and older in a warm water pool working on range of motion, strengthening, core stability and balance. 
The classes are offered Mondays-Thursdays At the Holiday Inn on N. Main St. in Concord
There is a yearly $25 registration fee
This is renewable on your "yearly" anniversary and you do NOT need a Holiday Inn pool membership. 
A doctor's referral isn't necessary but I do require that you speak with your physician to let them know you'll be participating in a water exercise program. 
Class Days/Time/Cost:
      Classes are Mondays - Thursdays     
 1:00 - 1:45      or        1:45 - 2:30
most people attending 2x a week
Come Mondays/Wednesdays or 
            2017 Monthly pool     
 2 days/week(8 classes)   $38 Month
              or You can attend:       
   1 day/week (4 classes)   $20 Month
  3 days/week(12 classes)    $54 Month
There is a whirlpool/hot tub to use either before/after class.
(this is an "on your own" activity)
Please check with your  Doctor before using it-make certain it will be safe for you to use as certain medical conditions such as high/low blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions and certain skin conditions make the hot tub contraindicated (meaning it's inadvisable to use for some individuals).
To find out more specifics and what exercises we do please visit the About Us section.
CLASSES AT THE HOLIDAY INN POOL before the renovation
Above doing the "Tree" Yoga pose and having fun with noodles.....

Monday Sept 4th Labor Day   No Pool   Closed
Thursday November 23rd Thanksgiving  Closed
Monday December 25th Christmas       Closed
Monday January 1st New Year          Closed 

Out To Lunch:
December 15th 11:30 Cheers 

If Concord school district cancels due to bad weather/snow there will be NO POOL on that day
Check WMUR channel 9 for school cancellations
(unfortunately because we have limited days there will be no "make ups")
See you soon!
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